At Cune Press, we ask our writers and readers to think independently, to exercise logic, and to test their conclusions against the data. We ask them to take a fresh approach to entrenched problems and traditional left-right debates. We eschew political correctness and favor insightful pragmatism.

Many Cune Press titles foster an appreciation of the peoples and cultures of the wider world, including the Middle East as well as subcultures within the US. We are especially interested in the struggles of very small businesses, especially those that sketch an era, a social group, and a location within the US.

Other Cune titles are literary work, primarily nonfiction by West Coast authors. Cune has also developed a number of education titles that are useful for home schooling and appeal to students of writing and art. It's our fond hope that our "practical" titles will cover the costs of our "literary" titles.

After twenty-five years of operation, Cune Press prides itself in having published work that we loved . . . rather than hewing to the rigid commercial and scholarly categories that govern "factory-produced" books. For us, a book project needs to be exciting: intellect, intuition, art. Otherwise, what is the point? As a way to earn money, book publishing (at any scale) has its limitations. Our staff includes talented professional writers and editors who are working pro bono. Why? Because they believe in our mission.

In the Internet age, Cune is a throwback. We believe in the civilizing effect of book length writing and the impulse it gives to reason, and imagination. We value: The creative individual; collaboration between an author and an editor; books as well-crafted objects; intelligent readers.

Cune strives to create reader-friendly and elegant books with wide margins, ample leading (white space between lines), crisp typography, and engaging cover art.

You can support Cune Press by making a tax-deductible charitable donation to The Cune Project / Salaam Cultural Museum. Mail your check or MC/Visa info to: Cune-Salaam PO Box 31024 Seattle, WA 98103.