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Apartheid is a Crime
Stories My Father Told Me
Empower a Refugee (eBook available)
Dancing with Death (eBook available)
Explore the Old City of Aleppo
(Paperback "Visit the Old City of Aleppo" is in print and ready to ship from our website: June 1, 2020.)
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Spring 2021
Nietzsche Awakens! (Mind games, both entertaining and profound)
Girl Fighters: A Tale of Strife in Yemen (Two girls dressed as men join the rebels in 1960s Yemen)
Learning First in Black & White (Graphic design / Illustration technique)
Kivu: Travels in Eastern Congo (A little paradise in the midst of chaos, 1963)
Music Has No Boundaries (Radio stations in Palestine)
The Passionate Spies (Gertrude Bell, St John Philby, TE Lawrence)
Arab Boy Delivered (Novel of a Palestinian childhood in Brooklyn)

Fall 2021
Dusk Visitor (Short fiction from a native of Raqqa, Syria)
White Carnations (100 vignettes, slices of life during the Syrian Revolution)
A Moment to Live (British spies during the Cold War)
Equateur: A Year at the Edge of the Jungle (Congo 1963)

Spring 2022
The Girl Ran Away (An African girl follows her lover to America, 1960s)
Child Labor (Children should go to school? Who will support their families?)
Triple Wide (An entrepreneur tells his story: boom to bust in 2 generations. Portland, OR, 1980s)
Blood & Desire (A philosopher responds to the Lebanese and Syrian Civil Wars and the current financial melt down with . . . ideas.)