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    Inside Syria - A Physician’s Memoir is a street level view of Syria from 1965 that is far more nuanced than most reports in the US media. Tarif Bakdash, MD, was born and raised in Syria. He went to school with Bashar al-Assad, worked with Bashar’s wife Asma, butted heads with Ba’ath Party bureaucrats, lost friends to anti-Islamic purges.

    Tarif Bakdash shows us history from the inside­—in the life of a child, a student—a young man struggling to create a life for himself. And then he shows it to us again, in the eyes of a middle-aged MD who, after many years in the US, returns to the city of his birth as an impatient American intent on reforming the Syrian system from within.

    Splash Page | Author | Kindle

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Syria - A Physician's Memoir
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Syria - A Physician's Memoir
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